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The Golden Isles have some unique characteristics. For example, did you know that Georgia's coast is only about 110 miles (some don't even know Georgia has an ocean- front coast line!), yet has about 1/3 of the salt marshes on the east coast? Take a look at a map of the country and you will see that we are on the most western part of the East Coast. Because of that, and the Gulf Stream running about 80 miles off shore, most of the storms from the Atlantic pass on by.

We also have some great artists and craftsmen, a great college in Brunswick, the College of Coastal Georgia, several pro golfers, and some of the best high school athletes around. Great local restaurants, local shops, and an economy that thrives because of local residents, employers, and tourism.

Seven Small But Significant Land Trust Sites

As one runs, bikes, or drives along sections of Frederica Road on St. Simons Island, it is nearly impossible to miss the beauty of the moss-draped live oak tree canopy that delicately arches over this major traffic artery. Even those who have lived on the island for decades can still be awed and have hearts stirred when glancing up at this miles-long natural pergola created by the oaks, moss, and resurrection ferns.

This view, however, isn't consistent along all of Frederica Road. Commercial and residential development occurring off this main island corridor has reduced or removed sections of the canopy for which the island is famous. That is why the Land Trust is deeply grateful to the community members, businesses, land owners, and SSLT partners who have donated and helped to purchase more than nine acres of land on seven separate properties with nearly 2,000 feet of frontage on Frederica Road.

Moving south to north you'll find
these seven fairly small but significant properties that help
maintain the beauty and charm of St. Simons along its busiest road
and that help connect and protect the green, natural areas of the island.

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Camden County
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  30 West Lake Dr
St Simons Island
Tuscan Landing Lot 77
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Camden County

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Coastal Georgia Real Estate - it’s a Great Time To Buy! Whether you want a second home, or are ready for a move, looking for condos or lots, this is a Buyers Market. Our prices are still pretty low, but the volume of sales is increasing, as Buyers recognize the value of owning Real Estate in Coastal Georgia.

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Georgia's Barrier Islands

There are many barrier islands along Georgia's coast, but only 4 are accessible by car: Tybee Island,St. Simons Island, Sea Island, and Jekyll Island. Others can be reached by boat, and a few have air strips.

These islands help protect the mainland from the effects of storms and everyday weather. The southern portion of the coast (Glynn County) is the farthest west area of the east coast, and the Gulf Stream runs about 80 miles off- shore, and this seems to deflect the Atlantic hurricanes that head this way from the southeast. It has bee well over 100 years since we had a direct hit in the Brunswick area.
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