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Wood Turnings and Other Wood Creations

Made in Coastal Georgia

I like to use local wood that I find when trees are cut, wood that someone has no other use for, scraps left from other projects, and have even salvaged some from friends scrap bins! Most items are turned from local Coastal Georgia “found wood” that otherwise would wind up in a landfill, or burned. Some have been salvaged from others scrap bins. As a result, I do not know what all the woods are, but I do know I have repurposed every piece! You will find natural flaws in the wood, and some of my own. I don't try to hide the features God provided, just enhance them and incorporate into the design. Most finishes are Food Safe, Primarily Walnut Oil, Bees Wax and/or Carnauba Wax.

The Walnut Oil I use is is 100% high linoleic acid walnut oil developed for woodworkers who want a non-toxic alternative to petroleum based polymerizing oils. What makes the oil unique is its ability to dry. It is sourced from trees in Northern California which are naturally high in two key fatty acids that help the oil polymerize. This is absent in culinary walnut oils. It is also heat-treated to remove the proteins that may cause allergic reactions to those predisposed to them.

To clean, wipe with a soft damp cloth by HAND when needed - NEVER in the dishwasher! When the finish needs to be freshened up, contact me. Every piece is numbered, so I have a record of the finish, and I can tell you how to freshen up the finish if needed. Or ship it to me, and I will refresh it for $15 plus shipping. If there is damage that needs to be repaired, please contact me.

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Ship to US only, via US Postal Service First Class, Priority Mail and Priority Mail Express.

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If the finish ever needs to be freshened up, please contact me, and include your item number (each of my woodturnings has an item number on it). I can advise you on refinishing, or maybe you want me to refinish it.

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